How to apply for membership on Jdlthai

To apply for membership on Jdlthai, Visit the homepage and enter the page Registration. Then,”SIGN UP” and enter your personal information respectively, such as Username – Specific ID when signing into your account. Password – Sensitive cases have to be between 6 and 12 characters and contain letters and numbers. You’re responsible for internet password confidentiality treatment.

Email – Please check that you have supplied a valid email address that is only accessible for you to notify you regarding all of the essential information. Full name – Please give your name after NRIC. It is crucial for payment purposes/bank checks. Phone – Please provide a valid contact number for better help and the security of your account.

The minimum deposit is the minimal threshold. The minimal quantity of 250 baht must be deducted out of your bank account into the bank account of the firm. After depositing, go into the”Deposit money in the account” JDLCLUBTHAI and send the notification to us. The amount of the deposit will be paid to the deposit of your choice. “Go into the wallet.” You may transfer money from your favorite deposit account to the wallet”to” another product wallet”or””main wallet” and have fun and good luck on your game!

Before insertion a bet in เว็บแทงบอลดีๆ, you are required to fund your account by using one of the following bank methods: Automatic cash machine (ATM), Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) and Internet banking. Register yourself with Jdlthai, makes money, and has fun at the same time.

To withdrawal your win cash, click on the withdrawal department. Withdrawing and entering the amount you wish to withdraw. Your bank account name must be just like the full name registered on JDLCLUBTHAI account. Once approved, your funds will be transferred to your bank account via a domestic bank transfer within the designated time.

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