Light My Safe lifetime Guarantee

Light My Safe is an American Lighting Company or Producer situated in Houston, Texas. We’re dedicated using the brightest quality L.E.D.’s available while the resistance utilizes the cheapest. Every vault light we manufacture is made up of 15 High Power L.E.D.’s, with each L.E.D. creating a terrific 35 lumens from each chip. We producer. For contrast, your tactical flashlight that is most ordinary owns about 300 to 400 lumens. Whereas our vault light with three fittings pushes has 1,575 lumens, and kit pounds of 2,625 brilliant lumens. It’s from those conditions that we make our design as”Tactical American Lights”.

Our added long 20-inch lights are covered in a crystal-clear jeweller tube that gives the potential to aim your light beam to get more excellent illumination. The beside lights quantify only 12mm. They’re intended to be recessed from sight throughout the installation, since different from other re-purposed lighting items. It has to lay flat opposed to the sidewalls of the safe, at precisely the same period as shining towards each other as a replacement of your own paintings.

We have fire and theft replacement services. Light My Safe, LLC will exchange any light kit which was spoiled by fire or stolen by forced entrance owing to an illegal attempt for the duration of the original purchaser. The accountability of Light My Safe, LLC in this warranty is limited to repair or interrogate of the damaged component at the prudence of both Light My Safe, LLC. To obtain supplementary details on American Made Lighting kindly head to

All”Fire and Theft” require a legal report by the investigating group or organization and a $20 working out fee. The charge will be applied towards the assurance allowable and priority delivery cost. Upon claim endorsement, the new substitute lighting kit will be sent for you, our valued client. In no event shall our American Light My Safe, LLC liability go past the original cost of this merchandise. Limit one item claim for each customer.

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